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Not sure whether to go traditional,über-modern or chic? Brian's advice covers them all

It’s been another busy month for Brian Lawrence Interiors, with Brian's unique flair and experience being called on for articles in the Self Build Essentials Guide, and the autumn and winter copies of Your Build Magazine.

You can read the Self Build Essential Guide online (p.166-168) to discover Brian's tips for maximising space in your home – including the thorny problems of dealing with radiators and storage – plus learn how to create a modern, streamlined look by avoiding too many cushions! He also takes a look at current trends and offers advice on how best to balance style with environmental concerns. Read the full article ...

Meanwhile, in the autumn issue of Your Build Magazine, he shares his professional expertise on kitchens. Over the years, the functions we demand of our kitchens have changed. We now need multi-purpose spaces that meet living, dining and entertaining needs, so clever use of design is vital. Brian’s tips will help you successfully combine practicality and style, with just a touch of luxury thrown in. Download full article ...

Then, in the winter issue, Brian takes a look at how wall finishes – from wood panelling to tiles or fabric – can be used to enhance your rooms. In new-builds walls are a blank canvas, which means you have free rein to really have some fun! Whether that means you go chic and sophisticated with neutral colours, use feature wallpaper for an über-modern or traditional flavour, or opt for polished plaster which offers a modern take on a luxurious renaissance feel, Brian's advice will mean you can't go wrong. Download full article ...


Some reflections on the use of mirrors

November saw Brian back in the news in a 'home comforts' feature in the Metro newspaper. Along with other celebrated designers, such as Sir Terence Conran, he was invited to give his recommendations on the best use of mirrors and lighting to enhance the sense of space in a room, and make the most of natural light.

Brian's advice was:

Mirrors are a must to bring more space and light. Their reflective quality makes them perfect as a feature in living areas, landings and in the bedroom and bathroom. Hang mirrors on walls so as not to lose space and think carefully about where they are hung and what will be reflected: if they reflect light walls, this will brighten the room. The best kind of light is, of course, natural light - make the most of windows and the natural light that rooms already have.

You can read the other experts' tips by downloading the full article.

The article appeared in the Metro, 1st November 2012


Easy ways to transform your kitchen

The September issue of Real Homes magazine ran a feature on easy ways to transform your kitchen. In it, industry experts, professional designers and architects shared their tips for creating the space you've always dreamed of.

Amongst the advice on how best to achieve your ideal space, including lighting, colour and layout, Brian gave his tips for creating a sense of spaciousness - even in smaller rooms where space is at a premium:

  • Cream and muted tones are good choices to make rooms look bigger.
  • Blended reds and oranges work well in north-facing rooms.
  • Colour continuity ensures rooms blend well with your home's overall design.
  • Pocket-style sliding doors, which slide into the wall, save on floor space & glass doors in particular make a room feel bigger and brighter.
  • Use touch-doors and drawers on cabinets, rather than handles, to streamline your workspace.

Read the rest of Brian's advice, and that of the other industry experts, by downloading the Real Homes feature.

The article appeared in Real Homes, September 2012

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Space... to boldly grow

Run out of room for kitchen storage? Need some big ideas for small corners? If so, you're not alone! The Sunday Mirror recently featured a panel of experts giving advice on how to make the most of small kitchens. Amongst recommendations for how to maximise storage space and make the best of slimline gaps, Brian's top tip was:

Good lighting makes a room look bigger - avoid central hanging lights and make the most of large windows. Creams and muted tones can help make a room look more spacious.

The article appeared in the Sunday Mirror, 12th August 2012


Supremacy of the swatch

The Sunday Times, who described him as 'a designer of exquistite embroideries and toiles', recently featured Brian in one of their articles. In the piece, Brian explained the importance of fabrics - and the supremacy of the swatch - in setting the tone for a room.

Fabrics set the tone for a room, whether you’re going to be bold with big patterns or go more modern with subdued colour and texture. The textiles you choose for sofa and curtains are the foundation for the interior. They’re important partly because they take up such a large amount of surface area. A pair of drawn curtains is a whole wall of colour.

It's precisely because we understand the key role of fabrics that we encourage our customers to take samples to try out at home. So, if you'd like to order any cuttings, please contact us with details of the fabrics of which you'd like a sample.

The article appeared in The Sunday Times, 19th August 2012