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Brian's not-so-secret Valentine

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the popular in.Design magazine is running a feature on who, or what, some of its favourite designers are currently smitten with. Unsurprisingly, Brian was one of those picked and, perhaps equally unsurprisingly, his choice was the stunning wallpaper from Cole & Son's Fornasetti collection.

Brian's a big fan of using wallpaper as a feature to give your home that Wow! factor, and the Fornasetti designs certainly do that. The amazing choice of colour and perspective, consisting of 14 designs selected from the incredibly beautiful drawings in the Piero Fornasetti archive, are capable of instantly clearing away the day's stresses and taking you into their gorgeous world of fairy tale and make believe. As Brian says:

In the month of Valentine their ‘Novelette’ engraved clouds drift into the ultimate biedermeier theatre set, feeling like a modern-day inspiration of Hogarth taking you away into another spectrum.


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